Friday, March 8, 2013


Like every premiere screening, there is always a clash between movie at the very same night on the very same time. I had invitation to Dead Man Down and Snitch. Went for Snitch because had some personal business to settle which could earn me some quick buck
The plot was inspired by true event and it begin with a teenager was sweet talked into a drug deal by none other than his best pal. Caught and detained, the son's father starring Dwayne Johnson look at every possible angle to get his sentence reduce to as minimum as possible.
With weird circumstances law in the state, the son refused to put innocent people into his position. The next thing you know, Dwayne was in a drug deal acting as federal informant as a deal to exchange for minimum sentence for his son.
There were many loophole in the plot and there were frequent of naggy moment in the movie too. Things gotten out of hand when the police decided to go for a bigger catch the night the drug deal take place. This cause not only Dwayne into trouble but also his family and the introducer, a ex-convict. If you're a big fan of The Rock, you may not want to miss this. The near 2 hours movie is not your typical action movie, but rather a drama first, action next type of genre.

Rate: 2/5

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