Sunday, November 25, 2012

Resorts World Genting - Tribal Halloween

Just a few weeks back, I was invited to Tribal Halloween at Awana Long House by Nuffnang and Resorts Worlds Genting. It was an all inclusive trip where we blogger depart from Wisma Genting at Kuala Lumpur.
Never knew there's a hidden gem somewhere uphill in Genting until I actually step foot into it. Will go into that later, just when we arrived by noon at Awana Genting, we were serves with buffet lunch at Rajawali.
Not gonna suffocate you with text and word on and about the food, will let the photos to do the talking
Trust me there were actually more but I couldn't seems to locate them at this point of time, and I figure out that you should actually drop by Rajawali cause they serves rather tasty food with a mild selection of dishes. Then we headed to the place where we, the blogger will spend the night at.
We were greeted by this spooky entrance which of course is the exact the look and feel the trip is all about. For those who happen to stumble upon my blog just because they wanted to know how Awana Longhouse look like, here's some photo of the surrounding.
So just as we were about to settle down, everyone is summoned to a briefing, there we were given a 2 days itinerary
After that we were given a very short time to rest before heading to on ground activity. I manage to go online all thank to the very portable Samsung Series 5 Ultra that I brought along, just incase client called and I could immediately check on the reported issue. Then we headed for some treasure hunt, which I did not carry my camera along cause I expected to get down and dirty. Fast forward it is then time for dinner, it has also started to rain and I started to grow hungry until the extend that I actually lead everyone else to Pasar Ikan Bakar where we had our spooky but yet surprisingly delicious dinner buffet.
It is actually a privilege to dine here because not only it is not open daily, you don't get to dine here unless there's a minimum pre-booked of 25-30 diner. So VIP treatment for all the zombie that will be dining here soon, a big YAY from all of us.
See they even came out with spooky name for each and every dish served there. There were plenty more, but hunger get the best of me and so I started to munch. Soon enough, the zombies started roaming in.
It was then follow by a mini game and we headed back to the longhouse where we were given a useful and informative blogging presentation by Earnest and Abang Nara. Later one was prize giving ceremony, thank God I made a spot for myself that actually sparked spotlight for myself among the bloggers. I wasn't aware that I was called up for so many time until I actually looking back at the photo.
Before calling the night, I had a chat with some of the blogger, checking out and connecting my life back to the virtual world on my Samsung Series 5 Ultra. Got some envy blogger on the ultrabook I had and tried to persuade them in getting one too by showing off every inch of the ultrabook :D The next morning we were woken up by loud blast of Psy - Gangnam Style. Washed and prepared, again I leaded the way to our breakfast at Pasar Ikan Bakar
After breakfast, there's still tele-match for us as part of the bonding between each others and Resorts World Genting. Again was busy competing thus there's no photo on that too. Just before we headed back to Wisma Genting, we had lunch at Rajawali. Overall it was a totally great and unique experience spending a night at Awana Longhouse along with other bloggers and RWG staff, and also not forgetting my Samsung Series 5 Ultra. I'm one of those who can barely survive a day without Internet and PC. I would recommend you to pay Longhouse a visit if you have the chance. Go spend a night there, take part in all the activity, and you'll be amaze by how you actually miss that place even weeks after that.

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