Monday, October 22, 2012

Veet It Off

It is no longer a privilege that only women get to enjoy Veet product, because men too have issue with their public hair. I for one am one of the minor (or many) that dislike public hair whether it is on chest, armpit or other wanted spot. Come to think of it all the some of the superhero have hair-free body. Don't believe me?

Maybe I'm a tradition Asian, and no offence to others but I think too much hair is eerie, and that is just my personal opinion, I just don't prefer it. That's why Veet come in handy it could aid in removing the wanted hair by first removing the pain. The product is so good that I wish I could even use it shave my beard off as the result is quite long lasting before the next batch grows again.

In support of Nuffnang and Veet collaboration, I dedicate this blog post to revamp an outside of my choice, and since nobody would want to see how sexy a guy is, I would have to force beg a model on mine to wear the mastermind I had. Here's my choice of outfit

A dress, a slim belt, and a shirt. By simple mix and match you could have the typical look as follow

And here's how these outfit could be revamp into

You can wear the shirt on top of the dress as jacket when you're cold

With a belt on it, you can simply make a slight different outfit

Tying a knot on the shirt for a more casual outfit

While still having the belt intact, fold the shirt inside to make collar t-shirt and skirt outfit.

And by wearing the shirt lower, you can turn it into a skirt too.

If you're keen on Veeting it off do check out these video

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