Thursday, October 4, 2012

Taken 2

Well what can I say, Liam Neeson who is equipped with a skill set that make people like him a nightmare to you is eventually back for the second part of Taken.
First it was his daughter, but his family. That's at least what the trailer convey. Even though there is no great amount of noticeable CGI in Taken also with rather plain and straight forward plot, I found myself enjoying the movie, thus I look forward to Taken 2.
Taken 2 take the whole movie a stir with more storyline and again introduces each and every character and their background, taking up most of the screen time that is only about 1 hour 30 minutes. Plot wise however was still plain and old school where revenge is the only thing that is in the mind of the villain.
With only a pair of hands but two loved one to save, Taken 2 had manage to make the kidnap complex but ended with simple and easy rescue.  Not sure if they want to portrait how good he is, or how bad the villains are.
The biggest different in Taken 2 is that what's lacking in Taken is filled up here and what already had their scene time in Taken is lacking in Taken 2. Also Liam Neeson is not untouchable after all. As much as I would like to give it a higher rate, I find that I was disappointed with Taken 2 for not living up to the expectation. Despite old school ass kicking plot, Taken 2 had some serious room to improve and if Taken 3 is already in the director mind, it better be more than just grandson revenge.

Rate: 2.5/5

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