Sunday, October 7, 2012

Self Check In

Don't you just hate the superb hot weather? Well at least I do, I'm one of those who would rather freeze to death instead.
Thus any place with aircond would be my preference but nothing come close to the natural breeze air in Resorts World Genting. Looking at the burning sun outside now, make me have the urge to drive to Genting now, even if it have to be a short trip, or better still I can use my World Card Point to redeem for a night stay.
Speaking of accommodation, if you usually stay in First World Hotel, I'm sure you experience this before, where there's a long queue or wait time before the front desk personnel can proceed with your check in. Worse case for me where I'm almost 200 behind queue.
Good news (if you aren't aware yet) is that now you can do self check in. How? Well just look for one of the kiosk below and follow through the wizard guided mode to check in. It can be done within a minute too.

Step 1
Select a language (either English or Chinese).

Step 2
Select a nationality (either Malaysian or Foreigner).

Step 3
For Malaysians only:
Insert your MyKad into the card slot.

Step 4a
For Foreigners only:
Insert your Passport into the passport reader.

Step 4b
If no record found, it may be that your Passport details are not updated in our system. Kindly proceed to any of our WorldCard Counters to update your latest information. Alternatively, foreigners may opt to check-in using their Genting WorldCard (if any).

Step 4c
Insert your Genting WorldCard into the card slot.

Step 5
Once record found, select a 'Booking Number':
a. Booking details will be displayed.
b. Check-In booking details to check-in, OR go Back to the previous list of Booking Numbers.

Step 6
Select the number of room key cards (either one or two). Another MyKad, Genting WorldCard or Passport is required if you select two key cards.

Step 7
Collect your MyKad/Passport and/or Genting WorldCard.

Step 8
Collect your Check-in Slip** and key card(s).

** Name of hotel, its location, floor and room number, meal entitlements (if any) along with check-in and check-out details will be printed on the slip.
If you're still not too sure, here's a video tutorial in Mandarin but with English subtitle

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