Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4

Premiere screening is always my cure to Monday blue but that doesn't mean higher score would be given to that particular movie. Thank Nuffnang and ChurpChurp for the exclusive screening of Paranormal Activity 4 at GSC Mid Valley momentary ago.

Personally, I think Paranormal Activity 4 lost its charm ever since the previous installation simply because there's nothing new and fresh to it. Even the plot has nothing much to offer with no real excitement element nor interesting twist to it.

The only suspension it had where it make the audience curious on what's gonna happen next or how the demon look like which already quite predictable for those who's watched one or all of its trilogy. It is no stranger to me that everything is quite predictable with first half of it at slow pace and soon catch but. Unfortunately the pace doesn't reach even "ok this is interesting" point.

With the pattern aside, the plot doesn't go in depth and is open to the audience to inteprete their own "why". Despite using different tools and technology, the outcome remains the same, having all the paranormal activity recorded. What's sad is that what is suppose to be spooky and interesting seen in trailer is no where seen in the movie.

Rate: 1.5/5

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