Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Going Genting

As much as I love going to Genting, there will be time where there's a hell lot of jam and having to drive manual car, it is really challenging to stop at a slope. Predictable jam time like festival eve, and festival is avoidable but there are also jam where happen when there's accident or broke down. That's why I always prefer going there by bus and cable car.

For as low as RM9.40 you could enjoy a comfortable ride from a station and a great hill view in cable car from bus terminal at Genting. There's so many reason why you should totally get this but one of the main reason I use this service is because it is dirt cheap and I don't need to maintain my car that soon cause by the dragging and 'drifting' up and down hill.

Also there are tons of departure time and that you wouldn't have to wait long before the next bus depart. With just RM10+-, I would say it is worth every cent spent. With that, it is time to plan to go Genting :D

*Note: Price differ from departure station

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