Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tai Chi 0

Tai Chi 0 or also known as Tai Chi Zero, whichever name it is, it doesn't matter cause it is the content and plot that make a good movie. 3 night straight watching permiere movie and on Wednesday night I watched Tai Chi Zero at GSC Mid Valley
From the trailer, you would notice that it have quite some big name in it with great amount of CG integrated too. Well there are all true where the movie tend to jam pack every single element you can find from different genre of movie. There were comedy, action, CG, love, sob story, childhood, kung fu and bla bla bla.
While I admire the unique and rather fresh of artwork in the movie, the plot was kinda like a spoiler that ruin everything.
The game like scene can really be something but it is also a joke at the same time. I must admit that this is one of the few chinese movie where the CGI managed to blend in almost perfectly. With that aside, the plot is very, and I do mean very very draggy with very details character introduction.
Yes from the poster or the trailer you might have already guess correctly that this would be an east vs west in a battle scene. Now what you least expect is the weird choice of background music like in the trailer. Do expect some fella battling it out the Kung Fu style while metal rock music is played. I'm just speechless. What's more when I find out Tai Chi 2 will be out in October which is just less than a month ahead. This is one of the artistic movie where I couldn't really enjoy much though.

Rate: 1.5/5

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