Monday, September 3, 2012

Superstars Of Magic 2: Sos & Tigran Junior “World's Youngest Manipulation Artists”

Tigran & Sos Junior are the son of Sos and Victoria are the names of the most famous Quick Change artist in Europe and in the world. Before the boys were old enough to speak or walk their father taught them pantomime, dance, juggling and magic.

When Sos Junior turned age 10 in 2006 he competed in Prix Juventa Magica in Berlin Germany. During this competition Sos Junior was honoured with the manipulation act 1st place trophy. Along with two standing ovations from the audience he also won the coveted people’s choice award and the Wonder Prize by Gerd zu Klampen, an award title that Sos Jr. will hold for two years. Normally these awards are presented to artists ages 14 and over making this another first for Sos Junior.  

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