Friday, September 28, 2012

Freeze 2 showtime & pricing

What's a better way to pamper yourself if it is not to enjoy freezing action in an cold and chilling place uphill like Genting? Now that you know Freeze 2 is back due to popular demand, it would be greater. There will be ice, there will be magic, and best there is sure to have excitement.
Here's some details for you in case you're wondering how much it is and when you can catch the awesomeness in Genting

Show time and venue:
Every night from the 19th September 2012 onwards.
Time: 9.00 PM
Venue: Genting International showroom

(Please refer to the RWG URL below for changes to show dates):

Ticket prices:
Starting at RM55.00 for adults and RM30.00 for children
GWC members will also receive a special discount. Tickets starting at RM41.00
VIP tickets are also available.

Reservation Hotline: 03-2718 1118

(Please refer to the RWG URL below for further seat and ticket details):

Pack your bag, start planning, and let the freezing journey begin

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