Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Snow World Attraction

The Winter Downtown + World Heritage Concept 
The relief façade along the sideway of the snow chamber depicts the concept of a winter downtown experience. The stretch of streetscape along the slope creates a wonderful visually-stimulating experience and certain window bays have been reserved to serve as possible vendor stalls or resting bays.
Walk through the authentic streets as animated and rhythmic lights twinkle from the windows of the shops which houses an English Tea Shop, a French Bakery,  an Italian  Pizzeria as well as shops displaying Spanish red wine, Dutch clogs and Swiss chocolates to experience the culture and heritage of different countries.

LED Light Animation Scheme 
Stroll down the streets of a snowy downtown and be amazed by the unique light scheme which will gradually transform SnowWorld from cheery daytime to magical nighttime.

Lookout Point 
There are plenty of attraction spots and corners in the thematic interior which provide a beautiful backdrop for endless photo opportunities. Climb up a flight of stairs to the outlandish castle which is a contrast to the quaint and scenic downtown streetscape. Standing high up at the center podium will give a breathtaking view of the entire surroundings, and is also a great place to snap a few photos!

Warm House
Another attraction nestled in the snow-covered “hills” is the Warm House. Drop by this chamber if you wish to take a rest before continuing to discover more of the snowy wonderland!

Ice Sculpture + Play Slide + Cresta Run Slide + Snowball Time 
Be awed by the spectacular ice sculptures on display as you frolic in the snow. For the more adventurous, take a spin on the Play Slide or Cresta Run Slide that will definitely steal your breath away!

Winter Downtown + World Heritage Concept 
LED Light Animation Scheme

      Look-Out  Point

Warm House

Play Slide +  Cresta Run Slide

Ice Sculpture + Snowball Time


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