Monday, August 27, 2012

Premium Rush

It was indeed feeling great with special movie screening especially on weekend, where I always had headache thinking where to go and what to do. Thank to Sony Pictures Malaysia for the screening and I'm Cyclist Malaysia for sponsoring the awesome prize.
A bike messenger from a bicycle courier company picked an envelop from an Asian lady which caught him into some hot pursuit. By not  knowing the content and story behind everything, the messenger carry on with his ethic to just deliver to destination as instructed.
Soon he realise everyone he know and everyone he don't started to be attracted to what he is carrying, only decided to find out what's really happening.
The rest of the plot, you'll have to find out more from the movie itself as I've decided to be a good guy today for not spoiling everything for those who're planning to watch.
While the plot is not entirely fresh, the execution were. Well at least when is the last time you saw a pursuit between machine and bicycle throughout the movie? It was a great attempt but there are so much more to be done to make it bigger I think.

Rate: 2.5/5

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