Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Special thank to Nuffnang and ChurpChurp for the invitation to ParaNorman at GSC 1 Utama yesterday night. Oh ya it was a 3D screening too, so triple thank you.
In brief, ParaNorman is all about a kid named Norman who have the this ability to see and speak to the dead. Sadly nobody believe him and thought he is still living in his 'fantasy' world and this include his family too. Norman, later on was assigned to a task to save the world from the awakening witch who want nothing but revenge to the innocent people of the town.
The film is executed in what I call it a classic where stop motion is the core style for the entire movie. Plot wise was kinda kiddy to be and had nothing new to offer.
Not sure if it is just me finding their joke pretty lame or there isn't to be one in ParaNorman. The poorly written storyline is pretty much predictable and the 3D effect is way too blunt. Seriously <loss count> number of 3D movie / animation, I've stop putting hope in any coming / future 3D movie. It is kinda disturbing especially when the audience have to go through the dimmed film with the 3D glasses and yet there is no WOW factor in it.
No doubt. stop motion may look simple but it take way lot effort and patient to create one, thus credit have to be given here. Beside all the downside from the film, there are certain scene that was impressive to be, especially the ending part.

Rate: 2/5

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