Friday, August 31, 2012

More Must Do during this School Holiday

Beside the major attraction of MUST Dos list from my previous blog post, here's more on what you can do and try me you wouldn't have enough time for all of these in a day or two, so you might wanna consider a longer stay.

LOADS of other Exciting Itinerary!!
Snow World (Coming Up)

Water Park

Sky Venture

Flying Coaster

To have bowling game

Ripley's Believe It Or Not!


To have my favourite movie

Fun time at video game park

Q-Center (Snooker & Pool)


Wait, there's more reason to go Genting this holiday

  • A fresh air trip in the cable car
  • Just want a relax stay in Genting
  • Have a nice brew coffee
  • Enjoy the fresh air & the cool weather 
  • A Good Friend Gathering 
  • Shopping 
  • Relaxation SPA 
  • Visitor Gallaria 
  • To watch international show 
  • To watch concert
  • Visit Strawberry Farm 
  • Visit Orchid Farm 
  • Visit Mushroom Farm
  • Enjoy varieties of foods
  • Dine at the new opening outlet “Bubble & Bites” – Contemporary western dining delight
  • Enjoy International Buffet
  • Chill out at Entertainment outlets with varieties of International Beers & Drinks
  • Visit Chin Swee Cave Temple 
  • Enjoy the jungle tracking at Awana Genting
  • Eco Sport at Awana Genting
If that doesn't get you hyped up, I don't know what else did. Trust me, a visit to Genting would definitely pay off with fruitful bonding with the one you loved and care most.

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