Saturday, April 14, 2012


A few ships is forced to battle with an armada of unknown origins during a training on the sea to thwart the uninvited guest from their destructive goals.
The movie battleship bring along cast like Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Rihanna in what may seem to be a blockbuster movie of the year.
If you've watch the trailer, you might already been 'warned' that this is a movie where it provide non-stop firing, booming, and battle against 'Alien'. So did the introduction of of these few known cast, did it play an impact to make the movie more desirable?
No, to be honest. The reason people would flock into the cinema for this badass movie is because of its stunning CGI. What the trailer did not tell you (but you should have figure out anyway) is this is yet another typical plot where Alien is trying to invade planet earth.
To me, the most interesting part beside the loud explosive and CGI, is the part where human have to outsmart the Alien as every initial weaponry human have is useless against them. Besides that the old school plot was rather predictable all over.
Thus if you're looking for mind f**k kind of movie, stay away from Battleship because you will definitely rant after the 130 minutes long show. 
But if you're ready for a ride in the ocean without question and to have a mind crash session, then hop on board. To me, I wouldn't say it is a terrible movie, but it doesn't score in full either. Battleship however did get my weekly movie fix though and I think majority will make this top movie in the chart even with straight / cut-through plot.
One thing for sure, if you're planning to catch this on big screen anytime soon, make sure you do either advance 'booking' or online purchase. You can forget about queueing up at the counter having to get the next screening session.

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Rate: 3/5

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