Sunday, March 11, 2012

What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D?

Like it or not, 3D is all around us and this D it is here to stay for a period of time.
Sorry I do mean a different type of D. But anyway here's the evolution of 3D technology in a glance
We drool from the very first moment 3D was introduced up till the level and thank God to LG for making it possible to enjoy 3D without that annoying and weird 3D glasses (as illustrated below) on the comfort of our palm.

This is how we look like in 3D Glasses

This is how we look like without 3D Glasses (but still getting the 3D effect)
(Take note @ 0.48 onward)

As usual, when I tell my friend I want to watch movie in 3D the very first question or feedback I get is
"Wa, so nice can get to smell Jessica Alba / J Lo / Angelina Jolie upclose" =.= Double face palm. But of course if that really happen is a good thing too XD
Being an active person I always wanted to explore new places and I especially enjoy  travelling all around the world, but due to very limited budget I can only travel to few places and drool to the photo of my friends in Facebook heading east and west.
Thus if I own the LG Optimus 3D, I will go 'travel' immediately. Las Vegas, Shi Lin night market, Chicago, Disneyland you name it I will go travel with my LG Optimus 3D along with Google Street View.
Yes I do mean TRAVEL and I am serious. Not only I will go alone I would bring along others who wanna tag along. These all make possible with the LG Optimus 3D where it offers not only fast processing power but also glassless 3D effect so that more than 1 person can view at the same time. No more fighting for 3D glasses. I would then snap photo of me travelling all along the world :D
Let's go skiing

My winning, dinner on me tonight

Tallboyz Tall Building

NYC - Where disaster happen here in The Avengers

University invasion
The LG Optimus 3D is built to bring 3D to a whole new level. Fully equipped with Tri Dual technology and Android OS, it is set to amaze you. Imagine how 3D has change our life today and you can now carry 3D in your pocket. Just bring it out and brag around, I'm sure that is a feature the "i"fan would drool for.

While there are rare situation where people would avoid "big/huge screen" at all cost
Optimus 3D is where you are happy with its 4.3" wide display. Things just got more real with it. It is indeed a phone that maximising every Ringgit you spent. Also with the 3D Hotkey, you will never miss an awesome shooting for that awesome moment.

For more technical spec about LG Optimus 3D kindly refer to its official website.

For more info on the contest that Nuffnang is having, head on to for further detail.

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Zyu said...

It kind of blows my mind to think how advanced technology is going to be 20 years from now.

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