Monday, November 7, 2011

he Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

Tintin was one of my childhood comic that I remember I received as a gift but never really read through it on the yellowish crisp paper with a cardboard like cover. Did the movie version revive my childhood memory then? Not really, but was it worthwhile?
The Adventures of TinTin is directed by Steven Spielberg and is about a young journalist sailing across the map to explore the secret that everyone is going after.
The first impression that I get after watching the trailer was nothing but impress. I was impressed with the details of the texture and the gorgeous animated scene. However when I watch the movie in 3D, I don't really feel 3D at all.
The plot was rather classic but the adventure TinTin gone through was fun to watch, in fact it was event better without the 3D that gives the pain to the ear and disappointment to the heart.
To sum things up, this ain't the best animated film of the year 2011 on an overall ratio. No doubt it have stunning CGI, it was still lacking of few elements like the pace that keep audience drooling for more and etc..

Rate: 2.5/5

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