Sunday, June 19, 2011


First and foremost, my sincere apology for not being able to update these review soon enough, as well as not being able to update as frequent as I used to be. Work is pilling up and stress is building up :( Hope everything will run smooth during Transformer week.
Blitz was the first movie I watched this week (watched on Tuesday night) and I skipped Ladda Land for this hoping for some action starring Jason Statham.Blitz is a criminal + police type of movie minus the excitement.
The psycho (as shown above) have the look but doesn't have what it takes to be one, to be honest with you. I mean if the movie is already lack of action, it should at least have a brainy + mastermind behind all the act. Blitz was however lack of both.
The movie began at a nice pace, everything started good and interesting with all the plot + character building up. When things reaches the highest pace, everything turn from interesting to yawn, from attractive to get me out of here expression.

While the plot wasn't any fresh anymore, there were still so much more Blitz can offer. We don't want all the nonsense and mumbling from an action movie, after all we've all got the nagging from our parents already. Oh speaking of parents, Happy Father's Day :) Have you given your dad at least a hug?

Rate: 1.5/5

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