Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2

Po and the furious 5 is back with Kung Fu Panda 2 more punch and kick, more humor, and greater enemy, which is not really the case here. But still thank United International Picture and Nuffnang and G+ for the press screening.
As a matter of fact Po look slimmer in Kung Fu Panda 2. Maybe that's just me, not important anyway. This time round, Po have to take on an enemy he once knew but was too young to remember, the peacock, who happen to be not so good in Kung Fu but had created a mass destruction weapon that claim will destroy Kung Fu.
As we all know, Po, the dragon warrior don't really know Kung Fu either, so it is for you to check how he's going to go on battle against not just the peacock, but also his clan. Rest assure as Po have plenty of funny idea that might just tickle you off
To be honest the trailer gave too much spoiler which ruin the first half of the movie. I mean fresh idea are meant to be surprise, no? Personally I love the ending part, with not just the victory, but also beautifully animated scenery.
 Not only did they retain the original character, they do include some rather new character into the movie also, which would be a plus if they were given more screen time. The 3D effect was okay, could have more effect, and the enemy was somehow disappointment. There are so many beautiful moves you can create out of a peacock and yet all this peacock knows is machinery.
For any parent out there, this is definitely a kid / family oriented based movie with no blood splashing all around, although there are indication on how some character are dead. It also brought the audience back to Po's past.

Rate: 3/5

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