Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Unknown one of the movie I've been looking forward to this year simply because it is staring Liam Neeson. Started to treat Liam as my idol ever since the movie Taken follow by A-Team. Since there were delay on the screening in Malaysia the movie Unknown has been pushed to March from January 2011
Beside the cast of the movie, another interesting point for the movie is that it is able to dig my curiosity from its trailer. How one could not only lost his identity after a car accident, but also everything else in his life. Cool huh?
Waking up from coma, finding it hard to believe that everything he once own, is no longer his, even his wife. There ain't much I could write about the movie because theses are the stuff that surprise you while watching it. What I love is the twisted plot.
Although it was Liam Neeson who took the leading actor spot, I am not gonna judge differently. Personally I think the movie is sort of draggy where it would be better if more action were to deploy.

Rate: 3/5

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