Sunday, January 30, 2011


Special thank to Nuffnang and Glitterati Plus for the special and exclusive screening of Shaolin at TGV Sunway Pyramid for us.
Sorry if I'm wrong but I think this title is a remade version from the old time Shaolin. This time however we have bigger cast, badder badass, and deeper sense of humanity. It was however quite a waste that Jackie couldn't be a big part of the fight scene.
While I've read reviews and opinion from others through the Internet before I decide if I should rush like a mad person for the screening, it seems that there is a mixture of haters and lovers toward the movie, and so I give it a try
To me, I personally love every part of the movie, from feelings to team work to fight scene to scarifies. While others might felt asleep when it is story telling time, I was wide awake, probably because I'm able to get into character.

Rate: 3/5

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