Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Ex Haunted Lover

Beware! Because what suppose to be sweet could turn not only sour but also horribly frightening and thrilling when things go wrong. After all love is blind, agree?
This is exactly what happen in My Ex Haunted Lover.. Is a story that involves loves, betrayal, and ghost.
The best part and the part I enjoyed the most is the twist of the movie and the way that the ghost is not "shy". Apart from that everything else was pretty neutral.
Now I can finally understand what Facabook's "In a relationship but complicated" status mean.. It is exactly what happen here. Maybe that's where the director get inspired o.0 The movie ain't that scary after all if you minus the superb loud suddenly noise.

Rate: 3/5

1 comment:

ain gojes said...

i already watch this movie.rate 3/5

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