Saturday, September 18, 2010

Old Cow Vs Tender Grass

I think the movie title is a direct translate from the mandarin word 老牛与嫩草 and personally I don't think the time and the story is somewhat related

 The movie stars actor / actress from both Malaysia and Singapore. The plot tells the life of a group of taxi driver uncle with their single life.
All they ever did after work was to hang out in kopitiam and talk big and rant about their daily job. They even have nick like Prince Tea.. Lol..
Anyway things changed when each of them finally met some girl who caught their attention and the story further blossom from there.
Those it is a comedy romance genre, the level of laughter ain't high and if you are demanding, I'm sure you are into a big disappointment. Not to say the joke ain't funny. It is just that the funny part ain't those that make you wanna go OMFG / ROFLMAO / LOL and sadly not even HAHA.. You will and can only smily mildly..

However like very Asian based story there are scene which focuses on educating the audience by some SOB story telling. This might be a good material for weekend family day movie.

Rate: 2/5

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