Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gadget Reviewer Wanted

Before you go oh this must be a paid post, I would like to clarify that this is neither a paid or conditional post. It is done purely based on personal interest on sharing such opportunity to those who are interested and is done on voluntary basis.I am not affiliated to Maxis in any form of contract. Images used here are for illustration purpose only.

Often felt envy where some dude off the street gets to explore and experience latest gadget in town? Ever get jealous on those who get to test, play, and brag on latest gadget that is yet to be available in the market?
Well thank God you've come to the right place. Not it is not me offering you such 'job' but instead I'm sharing with you how you can become one of those who make other jealous.. Lol..
Maxis the pioneer mobile telco provider is rewarding its customer an opportunity to get your hands dirty with latest gadget to be review.

There are however a small amount of clause:
  • Maxis customer
  • Active in social world
  • Enjoy sharing from A to Z
Is that simple. Now that you have all it takes simply perform the following steps:-
  1. Like the Maxis Official Fan Page in Facebook 
  2. Submit your application
There you are ready to rock.. All to best to you.
Thank Maxis for a dream come true opportunity.


tigervyh said...

I thought you didn't need to be a Maxis user? Oh well, I guess that's why they never invite me... or maybe because I'm in Sabah...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Hello~ wah so fun get ur hands on new gadget. Hope they'll pick u and we can see ur review ^^

Fallen Angel said...

@tigervyh well you can still try again maybe they can arrange something out of it?

MsXeRoZ come come let's join together.. XD

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