Saturday, September 25, 2010

Alpha and Omega

Warning Churpers: This blogpost might contain spoiler. Read only if you are aware of it. Otherwise I will not be held liable for spoiling the your movie night on this coming Tuesday.

Attended an unexpected screening of Alpha and Omega this lazy Saturday morning in 2D format.
While this movie seems to be more suitable for children as compare to Legend of the Guardian it is not I can assure you that and it doesn't entertain the grown ups too.
While the CG ain't as good as you can see, the plot ain't that exciting too.
Not only that the joke are kinda lame and old school that you've probably seen a million times, but yet it can be spotted in this movie.
Your worse nightmare is yet to come as the animation is very stiff, yes stiff and lagg and that my friend is a pain to the eye.


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