Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Robin Hood

This week seems to be an exciting week mainly because I'm filled with movie schedule from Monday to Wednesday so far
  • Monday - Robin Hood
  • Tuesday - Night at Elm Street
  • Wednesday - Bounty Hunter
And trust me they are all in my must watch list..
So what is Robin Hood to you? To my deepest impression he is someone who rob off the rich to aid the poor or those in need.. That's what in my mind..

This movie somehow (according to me) focus on the story before hand.. How he ended up in the forest robbing others to aid needers and etc..

As you can see, one of the battle scene from the movie, it is not your modern fight scene where guns and boms are in use, they only have sword and bow to attack. Therefore it is a movie recomended to serious movie goer only as the movie lasted approx 2 and a half hour. If you are not, better stay off and save for other movie.

Rate: 3/5

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

only.. 3/5? hmmm... now i'm considering if I should watch it in the cinema..

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