Friday, March 12, 2010

A police who put a smile on me

Like every other boring day, I have to attend some appointment to discuss some stuff with my client on some project requirement. Today I went to ResTree Kopitiam in Subang Jaya, here's how it look like from the inside

Half way through my discussion, there was this staff shouting police police and pointing out of the window.. Being a curiosity cat I lookout and saw there was a (or was it 2) undercover police (I assume la, cause they are not in uniform or maybe off duty police) chasing after a dude.. Both the one being chase and the one chasing just run off the road without bother if there's incoming traffic.. A few emergency break and honk is assured too.. When they were already opposite, I saw the one who I think is police, drew out a gun and open fire up in the air.. I guess that's a warning and a sign to ask the robber (according to the staff there) to stop or I'll shoot at you.. Then end of show..

Why does it make it as one of my entry is because after all the negative impression I have on them, this one seems to be the very first to put a smile in my heart.. At least deep down in me I know there are those who obey their responsibility to the max instead of abusing it to the max.. I don't know what happen next, as I have to proceed with my on-hold discussion.

The security here seems to be getting worse nowadays, robbing people daylight, and worst part, on the same area every week (if not days).. Even if you are carrying a knife or weapon, you can still be a victim to such crime, because once they come, it will all happen so fast and you wouldn't have enough time to react.

I also saw this video posted online and I'm speechless.. One thing I agree with is that no matter what a person did to you or your loved one you shall NOT take matter into your own hands, okay maybe just a little bit still acceptable :p but look at this video, the suspect was hammer till he's like showering with his own blood o.0

Also did you notice it seems to be a trend that whenever something extra ordinary (be it funny or tragic) happens, there is sure to be a video recording.. Wonder why busy recording instead of helping. Or if you think you can't help, move along or dial the emergency line, don't just stand there and block the traffic/others.. It is sad to see that you gain from others' pain.This kind of "My Pain, Your Gain" will not be felt by the gainer until they are in the suffering. A very good example is like a contest which requires you to submit a photo that will allow you to win CA$H prize like this screenshot below

Anyway here's a video to entertain you

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atreyu strange said...

there are some decent policemen/policewomen out there but i think they are being outnumbered. and that's just too bad. sigh.

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