Monday, March 15, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

We Malaysian are not left behind when it comes to Internet

As the statics shown above (source from MCMC website), the number of broadband subscribers has been steadily increase every year.. While it all seems to be a proud thing, comes the sad part.. Most of Malaysian user online from their office (remember I read it somewhere but can't find the statistic now) and thus leads to less productivity of that particular staff.. That is because we spent more time on other stuff instead of work related documents, and these is applicable to every other part of the world too..

Maybe that is not their most favorite spot to go online, but they were 'force' to as people from the city tend to spend more time at office than elsewhere.. Another horrifying truth for people from overseas..

Me on the other hand, would say my favorite surfing spot would still be at home but one simple reason only = PRIVACY..

You know you have to surf with fear when you are not surfing at home, concern like will my password get hacked, will my boss see me surfing, can I open this link, afraid of getting legal action for abusing office resources, so and so.. So where else is the better place to surf like home?

At home you can do basically whatever you want.. You can surf for

NSFW (Not Save For Work) material


Catch Up

Now that reminds me on how nice it is to be a student again.. It is not that I'm not looking forward, it is that I wish I could do something more useful back in my youth days.. After all Internet too could generate some awesome reward..

So it is very important for you to choose your ISP wisely as it will determine how entertain or bored you will be..

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