Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Got a last minute invite to the preview screening of Daybreakers, and I have to say this, if you are into vampires or zombies, you are definitely into Daybreakers too!!

Imagine a world where vampires conquer the world and majority of the 'living' are vampire. How would you as human survive? Because these vampires feed on human blood and they will keep hunting for fresh blood supply. That's what happen in Daybreakers, the vampire is sourcing for alternate way for blood to feed everyone of them, while the human tries to save the themselves and the vampires.
You can tell if one is a vampire by looking into its eye, but that's not the important thing here.

Why I enjoy watching the movie? It feels like watching SAW in the big screen, yeap gruesome scene UNCUT o.0 can you believe that, that's just awsome looking at blood splashing all around the big screen and be warned, you will be frighten by the sound if not the visual.
Bare in mind, these vampires are like human too, they run business, goto work, and bla bla bla, and everything happen at night. They can be as 'civil' as human but if they are not feed with blood, they will go crazy and started to hunt one of their own too.

Haven't seen any nice shooting / action movie in quite some time and heck is gonna be 4/5 for Daybreakers.

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