Saturday, December 19, 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

MAS (Malaysia Airlines) has just recently launched an application, a mobile based application which enable people on the move, people like me, to be able to book air ticket anytime anywhere from the ease of their "pocket" / phone.

Forget about the beautiful GUI (Graphic User Interface), forget about the fancy script that fade in fade out, fly here fly there, all we ever wanted for Christmas is to do booking without hassle. Anyway the apps is called and as the title suggest, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3.. Here's how
  1. Access
  2. Choose your departure / return ticket
  3. Make payment
Simple as that.. Wait wait wait wait, I heard someone said they still can't picture the whole thing, well here is it - the tutorial to book ticket on with image

First step access - You should be able to see the following screen, let's see what option we have here.. It seems that this little application is like the "wonder pocket" of doreamon, you can check your booking, check in, check flight status, timetable, and baggage tracker too. Impressively they do have deals and offers too, look like customer from every medium is very well taken care off. Oh ya there is 2 language for selection which is English and BM

Second step Choose your departure / return ticket - Now pick where you will depart and arrive and the date as well, it will check for availability

Then you should see something like this

It show the time and the price too.. Cool huh.. If you are happy with it, go ahead and click on one of the flight that you are interested in, wouldn't feel pain when you click on it.

Confirmation page, like always make sure you check everything before you confirm to double, triple confirm that you did not mistakenly pick the wrong stuff..

Last step Make payment - Once you have confirm you will need to provide your detail (or login) as follow

Then you will be brought to a page where your CC detail are required.. Just fill it up and you are ready to fly
Securi.. I know I know security right? Well like all website that involves currency / transaction, the site is protected with secure encryption (I've checked) where information are encrypted before transmitting over to the server.. This is to ensure that you do not just book your ticket with your finger tip, but also put you at a peaceful state of mind too..

On a side note: Actually this apps work on your PC too, and it work like charm. :p Happy flying..

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