Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mom, I'm on TV =.="

In response to the previous entry SPAMMING is ADDICTIVE, well I have no choice but to spam everyone who are following me on twitter to gain my way in to FlyFM 4th Flyniversary..

It was raining whole day back then, but it never wash away the hype of everyone.. The crowd started to get crazy and all charged up after the short break between 6 - 8pm..

So I won 2 passes to the party from Twitter and so I went
VVIP and VIP registration counter

The Sponsor

The participating booth

The crazy booth

They were selling Chipster for like 4pkt = RM5 where 1pkt = RM1.25 where market price could fetch up to RM2.60 o.0 too bad I'm on diet otherwise would buy at least RM50 of it.. Sigh..

The stage VIP tent

Can you see the VIP tent? It is way behind, top right on this photo. .So far also consider VIP? Well despite the distance, we have shed from the rain, we have clear view on a big screen, and most important of all we were well served with drinks and TGI Friday..
Among them where Buffalo Wings, Salads, Choco Brownies, Fish & Chips, Chili Pasta, and fries buffet style..

Anyway there were plenty of camera and video shooting, and I was caught on tape several times =.=" and one of them being posted here

Found me? Knowing that I'm camera shy, I actually turned away :p and here I am in still pic
Next, what's in the goodies bag?

Photo courtesy of http://www.flyfm.com.my/flyniversary/

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