Friday, November 6, 2009

The laughing ghost

There was this sudden premier screening of Phobia 2 last night at 1Utama and I manage to secure 2 ticket..

Phobia 2

The first story - Novice

A young punk, Prey was sent to some temple where he will be taken care off by monks and will look after for his well being during his stay there, whereby his mom would came back for him once her life is stable with another man. Prey's dad died in an accident..

During that period it was ghost offering season and there were plenty of food placed from land to mountain. He accidentally step on the offering and was then lost for a moment in the forest. At night as she was fanning himself to cool down he felt hungry too, desperately he went out to grab some food, yea those food are for offering.. Despite being warned, he still stubbornly grab and eat those offering food.. Then the haunt begain..

Prey was then sent to a inner cave for meditation by his senior and was told not to leave if he sees anything cause they are real but doesn't exist, if I remember correctly.. While chanting in the cave prey had a flash back where he and his friend were riding on a bike looking for a victim midnight. After aiming at an incoming car, Prey threw a stone to it and causes accident, little did he know that it was actually his dad.. Woke up from the flash back and heard weird noises.. Despite being told not to leave, judging from his attitude he wouldn't listen.. He leave after being scare..

**The ending part go catch yourself

Second Story - Ward

A young man was involve in an accident with both leg seriously injured and have to be bed ridden.. You get the idea right that he can't run later.. Despite requested for a private room he was placed in a same room with an old man who is in comma..

At midnight, the man was disturbed by the spirit of the old man.. It seems that the old man's mind has stopped and the only think that make him breathing was those medical equipment.. There was one part where the old man was standing on his chest and choke him..

**Find out what happen the next morning at cinema near you

Third Story - Backpacker

For those who have watched the trailer should know this is about zombie.. It started off with a japanese couple who was lost during hitch hiking at Thailand are is lucky enough to stop a lorry that is willing to fetch them along with a price to pay of course..

During the journey there was this huge noisy coming from the back of the truck and the driver went down to inspect just to discover a deadly trunk of dead body.. They were suppose to smuggle human but was all dead.. The assistant then cut off the body the corps and apparently he had a side deal with drug trafficking syndicate and force those people to swallow packed drug in a condom.. The condom burst and cause overdose and causes dead..

**How would you escape from zombie?

4th Story - Salvage

Nuch owns a user-car shop. As she tries to close a deal an unhappy customer came back and make a fuss claiming that she sold her a car which was involved in an accident.. Apparently Nuch claim that all the car she is selling are at tip top condition but behind the scene it was actually cars that involved in accident..

Working late that night, Nuch monitor her son thru CCTV from her office, noticing that her son went missing she then tried to look for him but failed.. Desperately wanting to find her son she playback the CCTV and found her son talking to someone.. Heading back to the car to inspect further but was greated with ghosts instead.. Eventually these are victims from accidents ..

**So where is her son? Go find out yourself..

Last but not least - In The End

**No spoiler here.. A must watch out of the 4 stories..

This movie wasn't super scary after all, at least it is not as what I've expected.. But still a good movie to enjoy for those who are not that into horror movie..

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