Sunday, November 8, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

Twilight? What the heck is that? Sounds gay!
*P/S: Don't disqualify me, let me finish it first..

At least that was the first impression I had when my girlfriend asked me to accompany her to watch the first installment back then.. Well a visit to the cinema has change my view and regretted that I told my girl before..

Well with the soon to be release sequel of Twilight, New Moon will be release on big screen 27 November 2009 in Malaysia.. This is of course a most awaited movie by the chicks any Twilight lover and fans, probably someone like me..

Ok enough with the crap and let's get straight to the point..

Nuffnang, yes Nuffnang the most active blog advertising community in Asia is again giving a chance for its member to enjoy and show off watch the movie before actual release date..

More detail can be found here:

You see with Twilight saga is not just about love story as I always get the idea that novel = love and romantic wording.. But it is more than that, it combine love, action, adventure, and most importantly imagination together into a single breathe taking story..

Yet of course, the girls would die for Edward Cullen staring Robert Pattinson

While the guy would die for.. Robert Pattinson too, well at least for me if not every guy..

Why you asked? Because he can live without washing his hair for months so that his hair looks oily and wet naturally.. Really? Nah.. It is because he could play the role very well, touched every heart of viewers and is one heck of breathe sucking vampire..

Nobody, I do mean NOBODY will ever miss New Moon after watching Twilight, with new twist.. Everyone would want to know what happen to Bella after Edward left her, how would she survive from a warewolf? How would things turn back to how it is between Edward and Bella while there are some miscommunication between them that lead to Edward thinks that Bella tried to kill herself? How would one react for sincere and true love?

That are the things that I should only be able to find out from the Movie (or novel which apparently I don't own any because I prefer movie over words)..

As a conclusion, I like the story of such drama is executed with integrated CG and technology.. Also not forgetting the cast who 'scarifies' his beauty shower..

Nice right the trailer?

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