Thursday, November 12, 2009

2012 is just MEGA Tsunami

Well went to watch this 2012 last night in Cathay last night and all thank to Nuffnang, and not only did I get the passes, I get the life jacket which cost around RM250.. Too bad didn't get the Sony PS3 instead..

Anyway back to the movie shall we?

The movie is actually a projection, a forecast of what's gonna happen to our lovely planet earth this coming 2012 as the world we once know is coming to an end.. and what will one do to survive? Does love still exist this time round? Or it is every man for himself?

I wouldn't be talking about the movie, the story itself as many other people will be doing it professionally.. Just wanna voice out my view toward this movie.. Well it somehow disappoint me while the rest of them keep mentioning how good it was.. Maybe I have higher expectation or maybe it was not how I thought it was, but this movie, as I said earlier project how the world is gonna end.. It is actually a MEGA Tsunami.. Some said it is not an ordinary disaster movie, what do you think?

If you allow me to compare, knowing have better story plot, but no doubt that the CG of 2012 kick knowing's ass.. It is very subjective but I wouldn't say it is not a nice movie, still nice, just a little bit disappointment.. Rating would be 6/10 while the 4 missing star goes to the predictable scene and disappoinment

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