Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Final Destination

Just went to Cathay Cineleisure last night for the premier screening of The Final Destination.

Like all the previous installment, the story (or rather death) was kinda predictable. Yes predictable. First off they show almost 80-90% of how victim was killed in the movie and that my friend is a big spoiler. Then the survival thought and action was exactly the same with FD1, FD2, and FD3, and all ended the same too.. So the only thing that you could enjoy was how brutally each person is killed.. Nothing much from that, and since it was played in Malaysia, you get all the nice brutal part censored.. The show was quite short maybe it was due to most part were censored or was it meant to be so?

Another disappointment is that most of the CGI look fake, I couldn't really recall how real/fake it was in the first 3 series, but this one was like OMG

Maybe the 3D version will be better, you tell me..

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