Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back to basic: Twitter in plain english

Well I often get such question from my dad:
1. Why are people so generous to share video/audio online if they don't make a profit
2. Why do people write everything personal on blog (diary to him) since it is not make to show to others
3. What is twitter / facebook

and plenty more.. There are times where technical explanation just couldn't get the work done, my dad will still filled with ?? in his head.. I found out there is this awesome video by commoncraft whereby it explain everything in plain / common English (AKA layman term) so that it is easier to absorb and understand..

So here's Twitter in plain English

There are a few more useful video which give clearer picture of certain subject/issue
Phising in plain English

Blog in plain English

Web Search Strategies in plain English

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