Saturday, July 25, 2009

Speed Challenge

Just before the release of Transformer RoTF (yes, transformer again) I participated in one of the speed challenge contest. The objective is simply, transform form vehicle mode to robot mode or vice versa in shortest time to win. For a starter like me who have not even touch and play any of the figure before I somehow manage to get to the semi final. Here are some of the figure that was given



Side by side


The final figure was Ironhide which is the best and toughest among others, and eventually all the champion was from someone under the 12yo and below category o.0
The event was held in Tropicana City GSC in conjunction with the new opening to attract more people. While I was busy transforming there were people busy shooting which I was not aware of and one week later my bro saw me on the newspaper =.="
Not going to post that anyway..

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