Friday, June 5, 2009


Well here is a simple story on why and how Stadium Sultan Mizan can collapse.

Like every human being, Ultraman needs to exercise frequent to keep them in shape. They too organize Olympic like sport event where thousands and thousands of Ultraman will fly in from all over the universe to witness the great event of all time.

Malaysia is proud to be the chosen planet for 2009 Ultra-sport and it was held in Stadium Sultan Mizan, it was a great and successful even of the year.

While every-ultraman was happily enjoying the game, the crab-monster attacked the stadium by shooting at the roof of it. The crab-monster is never able to compete with any ultraman or ultrawoman or even ultrakid, but this time it was different.

Never in crap-monster life imagine that defeating not 1, not 2, but thousands and thousands of ultrman/woman/kids is as simple as shooting a beam at the roof top of the stadium built in one of the country named Malaysia.

Thereafter, there were never a news about ultraman not even the energy-run-low beeping sound. Until a new legand was born.

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