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Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya

Been planning to pay Bukit Cahaya a visit since century ago but whenever I google the word "Bukit Cahaya" not much info could be retrieve. Only when I had dinner with ex-colleague that I found out it is also known as Taman Pertanian, and so we head over on wesak day with Carmen, Bao Bao, and Suk Lian

It isn't that difficult to locate the place as I have my handy GPS + Mapking to guide me there. We reached early so some photo taking session before stepping aside for those DSLR master..
It did not open sharp at 8.30AM as stated, not after the staff inside get some scolding.. We then rush in tailing some group who seems to be a regular there and lead us to the bicycle rental booth.

One of the main course here is the Skytrek which we did not go with it because it was our first time here and know nothing to expect. I didn't even know which path to take when was told to guide the road and ended up following some other lead which cycle to the path with 70% uphills while another way was just 30% of hills

Manage to take some photo during a short break
and while others were still catching their breath, I took some NBTD (Nothing Better To Do) shot..
Then the journey continue....

It seems like someone is calling for help.. XD

We pass by the skytrex area too
but sadly..
So to kill time while other were resting, I again took some NBTD shot..
Nothing much for me to shoot, so let's just check on the rest..
Me: Bao Bao, can we move now?
Bao Bao: ........

How about Suk Lian?
Me: Suk Lian, can we...
Me: ......

And then I don't know where the heck this thing came from so I just simply intercept..
A map which only make available at limited checkpoint (I think)..

The rest started to feel pain and fire burning in the muscle and gasping for air, so we decided to head back to the entrance where food and drink is available...but....

(My first person view)So have to add on some speed..
Only then we reach our destination point.. and I saw something POWERFOOL
Have this ABC (Air Batu Campur A.K.A shaved ice served with red bean + corn + peanut + syrup and some other stuff) and it CAN restore your energy level.. o.0 .. so POWERFOOL
Suk Lian: I trust only powerful 100Plus not powerfool ABC..

What happen?
Since we have return the bicycle, and since I found out that there is another area of the park.. we decided to take the bus to explore instead..
The bus was very well taken care considering that this is a public bus and it is free of charge but the seat and condition of the bus was superb and clean.. thumbs up man..

Some in-bus candid shot..
A busy guy busy snapping along the way.. just like me..

When clock tick at 11AM++ we call it off and headed back to PJ for breakfast.. Yea everyone was starving as none of us have breakfast become coming over..

Here are some info from the net

You can spend the rest of the day enjoying park's vast atractions

  • Four Seasons House - entrance fee is RM3 per adult (12 years and above) and RM1 per child (4 to 11 years old).
    Winter season garden exhibited from December to February.
    Spring season garden exhibited from March to May.
    Summer season garden exhibited from June to August.
    Autumn season garden exhibited from September to November
  • Chalets & campsites for rent
  • Bicycles for rent - Old Mountain Bike: RM3.00 for 1st hour, New Mountain Bike: RM5 for 1st hour. Subsequent hourly rental at RM1. You may not bring your own bicycle.
  • Botanical Parks - a good place for anyone to view and learn about trees, plants and agriculture found in this region
  • Swimming Pool - RM2.00 for 3 hours
  • Lake Observation Tower
  • Animal Park - include rabbit, peacock, peasants, fish
  • ATV rides
  • Fly fishing
  • Hike up Bukit Sapu Tangan where there is an observation tower
  • Paintball Valley - jungle shoot'em up!

Park Operating Hours and Fees
Tuesdays to Sundays 8:30am to 4:30pm .
Closed on Mondays except when Monday is a public or school holiday.
There is a free bus shuttle service running at fixed schedules.
Address and contact number
Taman Pertanian Malaysia
Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : 603 5510 6922 / 5510 6923
Entrance Fees (if not participating in high ropes)
RM3.00 for adult 12 years and above. RM1.00 for children 4 to 11 years old. RM1.00 for visitors 55 years and above.
Other charges
RM 10.00 license per video camera


Car - See MAP. The park is approximately 1 hour from KL when using Federal Highway.
RapidKL bus - Take bus number 63 or 338 from Kuala Lumpur and stop at the bus station near a Maybank building in Shah Alam town centre. From here, take a taxi to the park.
KTM Komuter train and disembark at Shah Alam Station then take a taxi (20 minutes) to the park

Leaving Bukit Cahaya..

Since none was able to suggest what to eat, I decided to bring em to state for the claypot porridge.. As expected, you are sure to see a claypot on most of the table seated with customer.. but weird enough.. we didn't order claypot porridge initially, but instead order prawn mee and curry laksa.. -.-"

I also found out that in outstation like Kluang, Sabah, people don't mix noodle with beehon.. the only thing they will mix (if really need to mix that is) is kuey teow.. We couldn't stand the nice smell of porridge coming from all around us and so we order a pot just to have a taste of it..

These were placed on our table for nearly 30min and still no sign of our pot.. =.="
Just before I want to remind the hawker this have arrived..
Guess how much is this pot? I think is RM13-14 but as you can see every scoop is filled with tons of seafood.. Unlike those RM4-8 dish where you have to dig for the meat and vege..

Double thumbs up by Carmen and Suk Lian
Wiped out within second.. The porridge was not too watery and not too hard.. The best word to describe is PERFECT..

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