Sunday, April 19, 2009

U2 CD Giveaway Contest

U2 is back, and back for good. The band has release its 12th studio album and thank to Universal Music in-collaboration with AMBP, I have a chance to gets my hand on the album with U2 T-Shirt
Contest details can be found here:-

1) Answer this question:
What's the name of U2's twelfth studio album? Is it
a) No Buffet Line to Cut In
b) No Line on the Horizon
c) No Line, that damn streamyx ?

Answer: b) No Line on the Horizon
Option C was funny though, that I ROFLOL, and it applied to every Malaysian, but heck my answer is still B

2) Post up this pic:


3) Write something - anything! - about U2.

U2 is an awesome band, a rock band in fact originate from Ireland form in 1976. The members of the band are

Bonovocals, guitar
The Edgeguitar, keyboards, and vocals
Adam Claytonbass guitar
Larry Mullen, Jr.drums and percussion

U2 have sold more than 145 million albums worldwide and have won 22 Grammy Awards, more than any other band. U2 hasn't release any album since 2004 and had only begun to work on its new album back in 2006. Here's abit more about the album.

No Line on the Horizon and U2 360° Tour (2006–present)

The band began work on their twelfth album No Line on the Horizon in 2006, originally writing and recording with producer Rick Rubin, but the material was shelved. The band subsequently chose to begin writing and recording for the album with producers Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno in June 2007. A two-week trip to Fez, Morocco where the six recorded led to the band experimenting with North African sounds and indicating the album would be more experimental than their previous efforts. During the album sessions, on 31 March 2008, it was confirmed that U2 signed a 12 year deal with Live Nation worth an estimated $100 million (£50 million),which includes Live Nation controlling the band's merchandise, sponsoring, and their official website.

After 16 months in the studio, the band completed No Line on the Horizon in December 2008, and it was released on 27 February 2009.The album received generally positive reviews, but critics noted the end result was not as experimental as expected. The band have confirmed plans to release another album by the end of the year, provisionally titled Songs of Ascent, consisting of material recorded during the sessions for No Line on the Horizon. Bono says it will be "a more meditative album on the theme of pilgrimage".

U2 will begin a worldwide stadium tour entitled the U2 360° Tour to support No Line on the Horizon. The tour will begin on 30 June 2009 and will feature European and North American legs in 2009 each approximately 6 weeks long, with additional shows to follow in 2010. The tour will feature a 360-degree staging/audience configuration, in which the fans will surround the stage from all sides.

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