Sunday, April 19, 2009

OMFG Watching Star Trek in Studio V

AMBP (All Malaysian Blog Project) is giving every blogger a fair chance to watch the premier screening of Star Trek, ahead of the rest. I've been to countless premier movie screening in all 3 Cineplex we have in Malaysia be it in KL or Selangor, but never have I been into Studio V. AMBP is kind enough to open up this opportunity now and how could a movie lover like me miss out the opportunity?

You could find out more here

Here is a brief intro to Star Trek for those who don't know what Star Trek is about
Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment series and media franchise. The Star Trek fictional universe created by Gene Roddenberry is the setting of six television series including the original 1966 Star Trek, in addition to ten feature films with an eleventh completed to be released on May 8, 2009. The franchise also extends to dozens of computer and video games, hundreds of novels and instances of fan fiction, several fan-created video productions, as well as a themed attraction in Las Vegas. Beginning with the original TV series and continuing with the subsequent films and series, the franchise has created a cult phenomenon and has spawned many pop culture references.
Now Star Trek is back, and this time it has landed itself in the big screen. With advance CGI and improved technology the movie is set to rock your world. This movie is NOT, I repeat NOT to be miss. To spice things up take a look at the trailer.

Here is why you too should attend the screening
1. Money can't buy experience - Watching it in Studio V (OMFG)
2. Meet 100 bloggers there - Who know you might collaborate or come out with something else
3. Premier Screening - Watch it on 1st May 2009 while the movie is release on 8th May 2009
4. Star Trek on the big screen - Need to elaborate more?
5. Refreshment provided - can save on your meal too.

Thus I don't see why one should let this opportunity off. Unless you are earning half a million every hour, otherwise it will be regret not attending this.

Hope to see everyone there then.

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WiseFlickGuy said...


According to data from my work, WiseWindow, volume and feelings about the emotions of Star Trek are increasing. Looks like people are getting excited.

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