Friday, April 17, 2009

The Blank White Box

Receive a blank white box today and guess what is in it?

The box is slightly dented as shown, but who give a damn.

Let's open up and see what's inside. It seems that it come with a manual. Hmm.. an electronic device perhaps? Nah.. To find out let's go back to the stage where the box is still unopen.

There you go. By now you should already know it is a watch, I hope.. Now let's just take everything out and have a group photo wouldn't ya'

First of all the manual and warranty card, haven't have time to go through yet. Now comes the main course

I don't know why I snap this but I can assure you that is influenced by JJ Lim, maybe he can tell us why.. Group photo coming right up

This is how I get the watch

Just a day before the ending date of the contest SHINJUKU INCIDENT RD 2, I submitted a photo that won myself a Seiko Criteria Watch - Courtesy of Seiko in collaboration with GSC. Receive a call few days later requested me to redeem it from its head office in Damansara Jaya (near Atria), a place when I wasted all my youth there for non healthy yet memorable activities. Upon entering the office it just felt like entering to GSC cinema cause their seat and carpet and environment is EXCATLY the same design and feel. Anyway a very big thank to both the sponsor.

Guess who is Seiko Ambassador in Asia? It is non other than Daniel Wu who also stared in Shinjuku Incident

Here are the spec of the watch

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