Thursday, March 19, 2009

Double Movie

For the past 2 days been to movie at Cineleisure Damansara to catch premier screening of The International and Taken

The International

Honestly speaking, there is a point where I thought I'm following the story but I was wrong. I don't quite get it overall. Everyone seems to lookalike and everyone have some not-easy-to-remember name.. The story is about a bank named The International where criminal uses for currency transaction and to run illegal activities.. Somehow the whole world is involved, that include higher rank personal, government, businessman and etc.. Yea guess that is how corrupted Msia the world is.. Not much of action and the only best part of it is at toward 80% of the show. None stop shooting and enemy became alliance.. There is even a scene where Owen Clive got shot on his ear and blood dripping out like paip water.. Did I mention that this movie starring Naomi Watts too?


Just right before we enter the hall, Xin Ke read out loud the tagline printed on our invitation card and it sounded like this

I don't know who you are
But if you don't let my daughter go
I will find you
I will kill you

Funny though as these sounded so lame, but after the cool 1 hour 30 min show, it sounded like this (at 52second of the trailer)

The story is about a young girl being kidnap by a gang of people and these girls are feed on drug and then being sell or force to prostitute, a very sicken action. Liam Neeson (a preventer) however play the role of a very caring father give in everything he have to save her daughter. But sadly the girl doesn't seems to really bother about her father even after he rescue her back from Paris where she was being kidnapped.
I would give this movie a 6 out of 5 star. Best action movie watched for the year of 2009. Must watch, even if you don't have money to watch, please for it, beg for it, rob it if you have to..

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