Monday, February 16, 2009

The day after Valentine

Happy Valentine to all the sweet and lovely couple out there and to those who are still single, wish you could find your perfect match soon.. Anyhow 2 thing I need to highlight here
1.) Is both individual truely, sincerely, deeply love each other, any time can be valentine. Spend wisely.
2.) Why are there so many whining around for being single? Isn't single fun? No one love you more than yourself. Learn to love yourself before spreading it to other, and make sure that you are capable of taking care of yourself before you decided that you would want to take care of other.

Due to the unbearable, freaking hot weather me and my friends decided to head up to Genting for a refreshing night. There were me, Chloe (my sis), Jerry (Chloe's bf), Ah Bing, and Xin Ke (this two are potential couple). Nothing much up there except that I enjoy sitting and walking outside the resort and feel the chilling wind during midnight.

So the day after Valentine, headed to 1U, yea one of my frequent visited mall for free movie, Bride Wars.

Not bad, and the movie easily get 3 of out 5 star from me.

Oh ya also watched premier screening of New in Town on Saturday morning too..

By the way, anyone know why Valentine's Day falls on the 14 of Feb and not any other day? I heard that in the olden days young and single couple shouldn't be seeing each other 'openly' in street, but there was this couple who was caught hanging up on the street, and so the guy was executed. His name is Valentine. Thus people name Feb 14 as Valentine's Day and is a day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery

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