Monday, February 9, 2009

2 Movies, 1 Night, Single Soul

Initially got invited to the premium screening of Eden Lake. Went there gotten the best seat and waiting for time to tick while reading some article on my Pocket PC (PPC). Then spotted that another organize distributing another movie Punisher:War Zone on the same night same venue same time. Saw still a big stack left waiting to be given away, out of curiosity went to ask if I could get some invitation pass, to my surprise I manage to get 2 passes.
Thought of giving it to my friends but because it is quite last minute, didn't manage to pass it to anyone.

Have 2 choice now but still stick to Eden Lake as the poster look promising... and yea single soul means I watched the horror movie alone.. >.<
Thought it would be a ghost movie, but it is actually a thriller movie instead. Spoiler below

It started where a couple went for vacation in a place named Eden Lake. Is very outskirt and very remote. They planned to have a campaign there but as soon as they touch down, was greeted by a group of young gangster bullying other kids. Things get to get worse when Steve tried to confront the kids after a few unbearable event. Like any other young punk they were not happy and hijacked his car for a spin. A fight is assured and Steve accidentally kill the dog of the group member. They then started to seek revenge, torturing, and then murder the couple. Jenny however tried to escape, seeking for help in nearby town. To no avail, help is no where to be seen. This is where all the gruesome and disturbing scene are shown which at one point it chill down my spine. So Jenny keep running and hiding around bushes till as last when she thought that she have finally escape where actually she landed on the kid's house. The gang leader fake out some story telling the adults that Jenny kills one of them and this is where Jenny ended her last breathe after been choke to dead by the adults.

Pretty nice stuff, something similar to The Ruins. Here's the trailer

and this is how stewie pronounce ruins

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