Friday, December 12, 2008

Crime, Crime, Crime

Lately there has been quite a number of crime happen to people I known in person. Hope I could make you aware and take pre-cautious steps after reading this post.

1. Car Crime Alert

Never ever leave anything valuable / look valuable in your car. Anything that gain attention should be carry with you or kept in places that is not visible to others. These professional thieve can just break your car windshield with just one blow and your belonging will be gone in just few seconds.
Don't carry unnecessary things (like laptop) when not in use and do not expose your handbag by putting it in passenger seat while driving.

2. Bargain

If someone come to you and offer you something with irresistible price, think thrice.
Bargain rarely come looking for you, unless there is a catch

3. Crowd

Whether you are crossing the road, taking the LRT, in a public party, concert, or any countdown celebration, be sure to take good care of your belonging. Simply putting it in your pocket is just not save. You need to make sure that it is there in your pocket all the time and not being swap when someone bumped into you.
KL is always crowded and with crowd comes plenty of wallet, phone, mp3 player and much more. They are all designed to fit easily into your pocket, and for pickpocket it can be lifted out easily.

4. Stranger

Don't judge stranger at face value

5. Good Samaritan

If someone comes up to you and says may I have some money not matter what's the reason is, think twice. This often happen when we are dining in some restaurant and half way through the meal, some one came along and started asking for donation. Think again.
To prevent from getting conned, ask for the charity address and donate directly to the center instead.
Never fall for the trick when some tourist approached you asking offering you to exchange currency at rate you couldn't believe. They might try to pass your counterfeit note. Instead, redirect them to the nearest currency exchange center.
One of the most powerful tool a conman can use is greed. If someone offer you the chance to triple your money, will you take it?
If you can helping some less fortune people around town (like crossing the road, going down the stairs, and etc) be sure to watch out for your belonging especially your watch, you might not realize it until you want to know the time.

6. Online Shopping

Read and re-read all the terms and condition stated by the seller. Ensure that you are purchasing what you expected. There have been report where buyer receive their 'goods' in printout copy or miniature size instead of the actual unit. Do your research well. Go through seller's profile and read through his/her testimonial. Feel free to ask if there is any doubt. Opt for COD (Cash On Delivery) method if available so that you could check the goods before paying. Remember not to pay via wireless / public network as it could be easily hijack to steal your sensitive data.
Once the money change hand, you lose everything including bargain power.

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