Friday, November 21, 2008

The blackberry killer?

If you remember my previous post, I still have an mysterious item to be shown share, introducing the Nokia E Series phone E71.

A few of its notable key feature that make this phone unique are
  • Longer talktime - approx 10hour 30min
  • Longer standby time - can last for 17 days
  • Music playback time - 18 hour
  • Hot swap memory slot
  • It has Wifi, Edge, bluetooth, infrared
  • Email with supported protocol such as IMAP4, Mail for Exchange, POP3, SMTP
  • Support email attachment
Other specification can be view here
Enough talk already and just open the god damn box

Everything is still intact with the box

Cool Nokia E71 box

Cool metal grey E71

The Nokia welcome screen

Welcome installation wizard

The default main menu, look "fugly"

Running the GPS

Nokia E71 Top View

Nokia E71 Back View

Nokia E71 Side View

See how slim the E71 is as compare to HTC P3600i

Like brother like sister

Along with all the accessories

*Its keypad is kinda small for someone with big thumb like me, I keep tabbing onto the wrong key, but after few hours of "practicing", you will find it cling to your thumb.

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chenhow said...

fui yor, u really fat tat liao, after drum, now is handphone.

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