Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous

Went to 1 Utama to watch the premier screening of Bangkok Dangerous which I got the special invitation from The Star newspaper. For those who plan to watch the movie please ignore anything below this line as it contain spoiler.

Basically Nicolas Cage play as an assassin who are hired to kill people in any part of the world and the story took place in Bangkok. There ain't much of action packed into the movie which is kinda disappointment to me as I expected more of rushing here rushing there, chasing here chasing there type of movie, rather than just pull a gun out from any part of the body and shoot perfectly at the target. In other word there is more talking than action in the movie. The story line is kinda plain if you ask me and it have typical falling in love scene. I find it funny though as an assassin who kill people without a blink of an eye could feel shy and nervous when he face the one he like.

Those of you who wish to get more info can always refer to its official trailer

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