Saturday, April 12, 2008

HTC P3600 Unbox

Received my brand new HTC P3600 (A.K.A CTH 9110) few days back, happily unbox and snapped a few photo to be uploaded. I wanted to post it here that night itself but got over excited and some big and urgent issue to attend therefore only manage to upload today. Anyway less word more pic..

The beatifully packed box

Ta-Da.. Here comes the phone..

Obviously this is the main device.. and yes in my first PDA phone and it is in white

You will need a battery to switch on your phone..

Charger to recharge your batter..

Yeah, data cable where I can now sync my calendar with my phone.. and charge my phone via usb..

Use your handfree if you don't want to be caught red handed by the police..

Extra erm.. what you call this?

Every electronic device usually comes with some manual, but heck who on earth will read the whole thing? What's more it is in mandarin =.="

A pouch for those who take extra care of their phone (yea.. only when it is still new :p)
Group photo.. cheeze..

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