Thursday, March 20, 2008

HTC Cruise vs HTC P3600

Lately it rain alot, and it was extremely troublesome for someone who needs to travel around to meets his client and have to be punctual. As usual, being late is not an option for me and even I have to run or dash, I will do it just to ensure I reach as agreed. So back in last Tuesday, I went over to Menara MATRADE for an interview on grant application for my company. It was raining heavily and the visit car park is in an open area. I have no choice but to dash over to the main entrance, and when I was there, I'm all wet from head to toe. That isn't really big deal, but later that day I notice my lovely Nokia 6600 acting weird; it just keep on restart again and again, until the next day I couldn't even switch it on. WTF? All my data are still inside. T.T

Well guess is a bye-bye to my old phone, and am seriously considering upgrading my phone as well. However I'm stuck between these two phone at the moment - HTC CRUISE & HTC P3600.

HTC Touch Cruise

Processor: Qualcomm® MSM7200™, 400MHz
Connectivity: Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI
Camera: 3 Megapixel

HTC P3600

Processor: Samsung® Processor 500 MHz
Network: GSM/GPRS/3.5G
Connectivity: Infrared, Bluetooth, WIFI (GPS?)
Main Camera: 2.0 Megapixels CMOS Second Camera: VGA(0.3 Megapixels) CMOS

The best part about Cruise is that you have the scroll thingy for easy and cool navigation. Also it has 3MP camera, higher memory speed and it looks cool compare to existing PDA phones.

However P3600 (successor of D810) is equipped with samsung 500MHz processor, 3G, GPS enablable. The only thing I dislike is that it is just another ordinary PDA design which is kinda boring to me.

Anyhow I am considering these 2 model, so if anyone of you out there is using or have used either one of it, do share your experience with me. Or if you have better model to suggest, do post a comment below.



DiaQudsieh said...

I have htc cruise i pay it from Switzerland in germane language and i want to change the language but from my experiences in pocket pc i know it`s not Easy Because I had Qutk 1010 also in germane version so there is one way to do that bay download rom"windows mobil" in English or any language you want and set the new windows in your pocket pc but there is some windows mobil have secure Prevent that but in my cruise i fond the way so if you want to know more just told me i can tell evry thing i know about pocket pc

Anonymous said...

The data about both PDA isn't right.
Check out!

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